’60s fashions with a velvet touch (1963)

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Fashions with a velvet touch (1963)

Entertaining with a velvet touch

Velvet fashions are sweeping the country…they are smartest, we think, for at-home party wear.

The prettiest hostesses this holiday season will be wearing velvet-and they’ll have a rainbow of beautiful colors from which to choose.

Chances are the pacesetters will wear long dresses, if not glamorous “pajamas” that look like skirts with bright printed over blouses.

They will entertain at formal dinners, because they know women love to dress up (and men love to see women in long dresses). The big news in velvet and velveteens (other than the fabulous colors) is the prints and charming embossed designs. Some are even quilted.

Fashions with a velvet touch (1963)

Simple accessories are prettiest with these vibrant colors — perhaps matching velveteen shoes and jeweled earrings.

With the marvelous new finishes on most velvets, they are practical and easy to care for. Some are even spot-resistant and crush-proof. All velvets have nap — be sure to consider this when you choose a pattern.

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Fashions with a velvet touch (1963)

Rosy pink references (Crompton) dress with a high waistline and straight neck (opposite) is the height of femininity.

Vogue Design No. 6000, Therese Ahrens bow, Brania pin. Right: Leopard buttons and belt are accents for slim double-breasted avocado green velveteen wrap dress. Vogue Design No. 6077. Velveteen pillows in bright shades are by Lazybuck.

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