Colonel Samuel Colt dies in Hartford (1862)

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Colonel Samuel Colt

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Death of Colonel Samuel Colt

Col. Samuel Colt, the well-known inventor of improvements in firearms, died in Hartford, Conn., Thursday morning [January 10, 1862], at 9 o’clock, of an acute attack upon the brain. Although he had been ill for several days, his death was deemed sudden.

Colonel Samuel Colt

He was born at Hartford, Conn., July 10, 1814. In his early life, he studied chemistry, and under the assumed name of Dr Coult, traversed every state, and visited almost every town of 2,000 inhabitants or over in the Union, and British North America, lecturing upon his favorite study. The means thus acquired he devoted to the prosecution of the invention which made his name known throughout the civilized world — his revolver.

The first model of his pistol was made of wood in 1829, while he was before the mast on an East India voyage; that model is still in existence. He spared no efforts to bring his firearm to perfection, and to that end visited the principal manufactories in Europe.

Having secured patents in England, France, and the United Stairs, he induced some New York capitalists to take an interest in the enterprise, and in 1835, a Company was formed at Paterson, NJ, with a capital of $300,000.

In 1842, the Company was forced to suspend, and for several years, none of the repeating firearms were made.

The Mexican War, which commenced in 1847, was the means of resuscitating the business, and in 1850, the immense armory at Hartford was planned, the estimated cost of which was more than $1,000,000.

Mr Colt was also the inventor of a submarine battery of great power and efficacy; and be invented a telegraphic cable (submarine) which was laid and worked with perfect success in 1843.

In his death, Hartford sustains a heavy loss. For many years he has been known as the most enterprising and prominent citizen of that place. He has contributed more than any other man to the prosperity of the city.

The Colt Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company will continue to operate the vast establishment.

At the time of his death, Col. Colt was about 48 years of age.

Photo: Portrait of Samuel Colt on January 2, 1859

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