Santa’s Preview: Toys & dolls at the hardware store (1972)

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True Value Hardware Stores: Santa’s Preview

Toys & dolls shown: Happy Holidays ’72 record album, Horsman Tammy Tears doll, Uneeda Jennifer doll, Talk to “Hi Dottie,” Brumberger Co Doll’s house, Ideas 2 lovable tots, Ideal Harmony Stars, GE Deluxe Shoen ‘n Tell, ATF Toys Deacon’s Bench toy chest

true-value-hardware-christmas-santas-review-1972 (2)


Toys shown: Westpoint 26″ lightweights 3-speed bicycles, Frederick-Willys Pool Table, Wonder Horse Mustang, Ideal Cake Maker Set, Gilbert Potterycraft, Big Jim Camper Set, Sculpt-Sure Craft, Tudor Play NFL Football, Ideal Big Action Games, MB New Pivot Pool, Aurora Skittle Pool, Tonka Super Thrust Set, ERTL Ford Farm Set, Vertiberd Copter, Cool Cast Creatures

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One Response

  1. Hi there,

    I feel in love with a “Pirate Monkey” adjustable folding desk. Corkboard under the desktop logo or character. Steel(?)green legs. Made in China. I can’t find one like it online. Doesn’t look Disney to me. The legs are the same color as vintage Raggedy Ann/Andy desks. Top shows wear, but I still like him.

    Thanks so much,

    Heidi DeYoung

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