Ford vs Carter: Voters rate the presidential debates (1976)

Newsweek: Stay Tuned

Ford: “The Governor has also played a little fast and loose with the facts about vetoes.”

Carter: “Except for avoiding another Watergate, Mr Ford has not accomplished one single major program.”



What the voters say

In a special survey conducted for Newsweek, the Gallup Organization interviewed a national sample of voters to assess the impact of last week’s debate. The telephone polling was done last Thursday and Friday with 488 registered voters who watched all or part of the debate.

  1. How would you rate his performance in the debate?
  2. How much did you learn about him in this debate?
  3. Do you think that the following applied to him in the debate:
  4. Regardless of whether you prefer Ford or Carter, which man do you feel can do a better job handling each of the following problems…
  5. All things considered, who do you think won this debate?
  6. All things considered, did the debate make you more likely to vote for or against either candidate, or didn’t it affect your attitude toward him?

carter-ford-presidential-debate-results-10-04-1976 (2)

carter-ford-presidential-debate-results-10-04-1976 (1)

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