Beautiful, practical, family-friendly house (1975)

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A house any family would love living in

By design, this spacious one-level house opens graciously from a center all that links two carefully planned rectangular living areas. One wing comprises living room, master bedroom and bath, study/guest room; the other houses all the daytime living spaces plus two children’s bedrooms.

Dining room is patterned with an overscaled paisley wallpaper and matching fabric that have just enough color and impact to complement the wood tones of table and chairs and the rustic ceramic tile floor.

Curving idea-packed family kitchen

Spectacular kitchen-in-the-round was the brainchild of William J. Ketcham of General Electric’s Kitchen and Design Department, who packed the utmost into 12-by-12-foot 8-inch space. Two wall ovens and a built-in microwave oven ease the pressure of entertaining. Cooking surface is a quick cleaning cooktop. GE’s newest dishwasher is soundproof – and even does pots and pans. Other kitchen marvels include trash compactor, disposer and a refrigerator with a door dispenser for crushed ice and cubes.

Large pass-through connects one end of the kitchen to the family room (right). White brick-patterned vinyl flooring banded with bright blue strips echoes vivacious flowered wallpaper (above). Country-look ladder-back chairs surround GE’s Textolite “washable” butcher-block tabletop, which doubles as extra work surface and setup for family dining.


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