1974 Buicks: Apollo, Century, Electra, LeSabre, Riviera

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Introducing the 1974 Buicks

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1974 Apollo. By Buick. We wanted to give people a small car to move up to.

When we designed and built Apollo, we weren’t designing and building just another small American car.

Our goal was to give America a small car that had weight, performance, and offered personal comforts that some other small cars had been doing without.

Which is why we have two Buick V-8’s available for Apollo. And air conditioning. And a high level of both exterior and interior trim. And power accessories that help make driving easier.

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1974 Riviera – Buick’s ultimate personal luxury car

introducing-1974-buick-cars-oct-1973 (6)


1974 Electra Limited

It goes to extremes only a luxury-car owner can appreciate

This isn’t simply the most luxurious car we build. It’s one of the most luxurious cars anybody builds.

And one foolproof way to know if you’re dealing with a true luxury car is to take a good hard look at the kind of standard equipment it carries.

introducing-1974-buick-cars-oct-1973 (4)


1974 Century Regal

We’ve opened the doors of the sporty car to a man with a family

introducing-1974-buick-cars-oct-1973 (5)


1974 LeSabre

Our goal was to make it beautiful. And affordable.

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