Put a song in their hearts this Christmas with a Wurlitzer piano, organ or stereo

The Christmas you give a Wurlitzer is a Christmas never to be forgotten — by you or your family. Because a Wurlitzer puts a song in their hearts, and stars in their eyes, for a lifetime.

Choose a Wurlitzer piano and you choose the piano more people buy than any other… For music to travel by, select a Wurlitzer portable electronic piano. It goes where the fun goes, plugs in anywhere.

Or choose a Wurlitzer organ, and get the richness, excitement and variety of Wurlitzer Total Tone, inherited from the immortal Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ.

wurlitzer-organs-vintage-ads-nov-1968 (2)

wurlitzer-organs-vintage-ads-nov-1968 (1)

wurlitzer-organs-vintage-ads-nov-1968 (3)

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