The 21st century is here. 32 years ahead of time.

General Electric has much of the technology needed to build the dream city of tomorrow today

General Electric Disneyland 1968 electricity (2)

At Disneyland, in the General Electric “Carousel of Progress,” is a huge model of a city.

Over 4 million people have marveled at it since last June.

It’s a city of soaring spires. Automated highways. Easy-to-run homes. Open green spaces. And clean air. Power comes from a smoke-free nuclear plant. High-speed electric commuter trains are run by computer. Recreation areas are flooded with “daylighting” into the night. The city core is completely enclosed, and has a constant enjoyable climate. It’s a total-electric city.

But as futuristic as it sounds, it could be built today. Many of its technological advances are available today from General Electric. Many are even being applied separately in various parts of the country. Bringing them all together provides a fresh approach to solving present urban problems. Turning a dream into reality — especially a dream city — is no small task.

But General Electric technology can help make it real… can help make progress.

Progress is our most important product: General Electric

General Electric Disneyland 1968 electricity (1)

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