Absolute luxury in the 1968 Chrysler Imperial

There is no reason why a luxury car should be dull to drive.

Welcome to a totally new driving environment. Lavish. Commodious. Invigorating. You don’t adjust to Imperial luxury. It adjusts to you.

The front seat (shown in Silhouette-grain leather upholstery) is actually three seats in one. With armrests up, it is a 5-foot-wide sofa. With armrests down, it becomes twin armchairs, or an armchair plus recliner. Whichever you prefer, whenever you prefer.

With full options, absolute luxury surrounds you. Stereo tapes play through a 5-speaker system. An AM/FM radio tunes itself. Headlights dim and brighten by themselves. When you arrive home late, they remain on, lighting the way to your door. Then extinguish automatically. Set the Auto-Temp for the exact temperature you prefer. It is maintained — winter and summer.

No other luxury car moves and comforts like this one. Not one is so thoroughly satisfying to drive.

The 1968 Imperial, finest automobile built by Chrysler Corporation.

chrysler-imperial-car-oct-1967 (1)

chrysler-imperial-car-oct-1967 (2)

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