How the world welcomed baby Carrie Fisher (1956)

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These newspaper clippings show the world’s joy over the birth of a celebrity newborn — Carrie Fisher. The woman behind Star Wars‘ Princess Leia grew up to be not just an actress, but also an author, screenwriter and producer.


Fishers’ Baby Early (October 22, 1956)

The baby expected by crooner Eddie Fisher and his actress wife, Debbie Reynolds, arrived almost three weeks ahead of schedule. The 6-pound, 12-ounce daughter was born Sunday in St Joseph Hospital after the parents had made a hectic, 120-mile dash by car from Palm Springs.



Eddie Fisher recovering (October 26, 1956)




Carrie Frances Fisher’s “Bundle of Joy” doll (November 23, 1956)



Eddie Fisher’s baby daughter (November 29, 1956)



Mama’s night out (December 16, 1956)

Dec 16, 1956 eddie-fisher-and-mom-the_times-1956


Baby Carrie Fisher on the Christmas card (December 22, 1956)

Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher have added something new this year, and their card proclaims the glad tidings — a big Santa blowing a bugle, with a banner from “Eddie, Carrie and Debbie.”



Bouncing beauty named Carrie Fisher (December 23, 1956)

The most disrupting influence in staid Beverly Hills these days is a bouncing beauty named CARRIE FISHER, aged six weeks. Carrie, as devotees of America’s sweethearts know, is the first born of DEBBIE and EDDIE FISHER and has caused lots of commotion in filmland. The mailman staggers daily to the Fisher home with bundles of presents for the youngster, and sight-seeing buses pause outside the home of the young lady. “Most of the gifts come from married couples and older people,” Debbie reports. “One 78-year-old woman even sent an embroidered white dress she made. I’m going to save the thousands of cards and paste them in a scrapbook to show her when she’s a teen-ager,” Eddie adds.


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