Tiny Tears, the doll that cries real tears (1952)

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The gift she’ll never forget: Tiny Tears, the doll that cries real tears

She blows bubbles / She bathes / She has a complete layette

The doll that cries real tears… Here is the wonderful doll that cries like a real child. Big, wet tears roll down her fat, chubby cheeks as she cries lustily to be changed, fed, bathed and pampered. She also sleeps, drinks her bottle, wets her diapers, takes a bath, so many of the things real live babies do, “Tiny Tears” gives your little girl the thrill of being a “make-believe” grown-up mother.

She’ll never tire of this fascinating doll. Let “Tiny Tears” make this the happiest Christmas in your little girl’s life.

At leading department stores and toy shops. $5.98 & up.


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