Guide to easy entertaining: Table settings (1958)

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Every hostess takes pride in a beautiful table set with sparkling china and gleaming silver. Each of the table settings shown on these pages demonstrates the dramatic effect you can achieve with a monochromatic color scheme, making table linens out of decorative or dress fabrics to match the color of your china and your serving pieces. More than a thing of beauty in itself, a carefully worked-out table setting is a graceful compliment to your guests.

Table set in 50 shades of grey

Round table set in grays demonstrates the dramatic effect which can be achieved by use of a monochromatic color scheme and by making two table runners from a decorative or dress fabric in place of the traditional round cloth.

Between the black and white of the table itself, the setting graduates in shade from the off-white plates and underliners, the smoke crystal, the silver gray table runners, the gray pewter candlesticks and flower container, to the deep elephant gray casseroles and coffee service, with the whole monochromatic scheme relieved by the centerpiece and brilliant pink Irish linen napkins. The table is 48″ in diameter with a white Formica top on black lacquered legs. The screen [above] is made from composition board covered with wallpaper.

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Table setting: Peach and orange tones

Long, narrow table in nasturtium is a setting in variations on the color, beginning with the pale apricot of the napkins through the gradually deepening shades of table runners, wooden bowls, copper casserole and warmer, and ending in the deep rust-orange of the plates. The table runners, which you can make of decorative fabric, cover both ends and one side of the table, set in a space-saving one-sided seating arrangement. Also space-saving is the table itself, which is long (72″) and narrow (18″) with a flip top opening out to 36″.

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Table setting in hues of blue

Rectangular table in blue is strikingly beautiful study in graduating blues from the pale candles through the soft blue stoneware plates, the green-blue place mats, the brighter candles and royal blue Irish linen napkins up to the deep blue free-form glass salad plate. White lilies and the warm brown tones of table, salad servers and drapery give color relief. The staggered seating, a new idea in seating four at a rectangular table, provides two free diagonal corners for the candles and serving platter. The place mats are made of coarse linen.


Setting a buffet table

A monochromatic color scheme and table linens made from decorative and dress fabrics are its basic features. Here, runner for long, narrow table is made of striped linen and rayon fabric to harmonize with plates, cups and saucers in a warm, orange-toned table setting.

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