The top automobiles for 1911

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Types of the leading motor cars

Cars featured:

  • Alco limousine (1911)
  • Chadwick Great Six
  • Chalmers “Forty” touring car (1911)
  • Corbin Model 40
  • Everitt 30
  • Knox 7 passenger touring car
  • Locomobile type “M” touring car
  • Lozier seven passenger limousine
  • Matheson “Silent Six” four door
  • Packard “Thirty” four-door limousine (1911)
  • Peerless 30 touring car
  • Pierce-Arrow 36 Brougham seatings
  • Pope-Hartford (5-passenger)
  • Premier “6-60” touring car (1911)
  • Simplex Toy tonneau (50-horsepower)
  • Stearns touring car
  • Stoddard-Dayton 50 11-K Torpedo
  • The Hudson 33
  • Thomas 4-door Flyabout
  • Vestibule Columbia limousine (7-passenger)
  • White gasoline 5 passenger limousine

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