10 antique Christmas postcards from 100 years ago (1913)

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A Christmas Greeting

Santa with a dirigible to deliver the goodies



Ellen Clapsaddle vintage Christmas Card

May this and every Christmas time
Bring happiness to thee and thine

A Merry Christmas



Christmas greetings, from a snowy lodge

“All joy to you, the bells’ sweet chime, make light your heart at Christmas-time.”



A Happy Xmas

When merry chimes salute the day, and carols echo bright and gay, I hope your wishes you will see, all growing on your Christmas tree.



To one and all good friends, A Merry Xmas



Happy Christmas from ice skaters on the pond



Santa, 1913-style, with a toy doll on a Christmas postcard



Christmas greetings

Christmas Day is for the young
When the little stockings hung.
Santa Claus, the good old Saint
Listens to each childish plaint



The best of all Christmases I wish you

vintage-christmas-card-The best of all Christmases I wish you 1913


Santa wishes you a Merry Christmas from 1913



Some cards kindly provided by the New York Public Library

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