How to choose a husband (1921)

Whatever you do, do not marry a man who claims to be a saint. He lives too much in his own imagination of himself. He is nearly always an unconscious or a subconscious hypocrite. He will not live up to his professions with you, although he may do it with the brethren.

Long, full sleeves the rule for 1922

Long, full sleeves the rule for 1922 Sleeves are going to great lengths these days -- and Fullness, with a Capital F, is the thing. The fullness may be concentrated at the top with big armholes and narrow cuff... Read more...

The Flapper dictionary (1922)

If you don't know your Dingledangler from your Kluck from your Zoozer, you'll appreciate knowing this terminology from the 1920s the next time you're at a flapper or Roaring Twenties or Great Gatsby-themed part... Read more...

Jazzy flapper fashions from 1920

Putting Jazz in the Fashions Today There Are Jazz Stockings, Phosphorescent Hats, Jazz Slippers, Pantaletted Jazz Skirts and Jazz Veils, and There Are Even Jazzy Ways of Wearing Your Jewels. Here Are So... Read more...

Rube Goldberg in his own words (1922)

"I was as nervous as a poker player down to his last pants’ button, and every one of the hard-boiled old-timers in the art department knew it. "

Stylishly smart women’s shoes from 1925

A very attractive combination that is unusually appealing to women of exquisite taste. Built over the new French last, which is the most popular in women’s footwear.

Announcement of the Empire State Building (1929)

The highest building in the world will be built on the site of the Waldorf Astoria hotel. It will be known as the Empire State Building, will be eighty stories high, and will cost more than $66,000,000.

Annie Oakley plays William Tell with her dog (1917)

To prove that he is the best dog in Pinehurst, and not the least speck gun-shy. He doesn't care how many times she plays William Tell with him and shoots an apple off his head with a .22 caliber rifle.

Don’t be a flapper – join the The Junior League! (1922)

The word flapper entangled itself with the 'dreadful' side of youth -- with jazz, short skirts, bobbed hair and glistening legs; with the 'immodest' passing of corsets; with cigarette smoking; with petting parties and gasoline-buggy riding...

Finding a piece of the past: PJ Clarke’s in NYC

It’s not often you can discover long-lost information about a venerable institution like New York City’s PJ Clarke’s. Really — how much more could there be left to learn about a place that’s already a piece of living history?

How to find your ideal weight (1920)

How to find your weight by Edna Kent Forbes If you suspect that you are too fat or too thin, there are several perfectly simple rules that you can follow to find out exactly what you should weigh. Here, f... Read more...

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