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Why grow old Plastic surgery in the 1920s

Why grow old? Plastic surgery in the 1920s

Based on the state of plastic surgery in the 1920s, and with regular improvements in science, one journalist suggested in 1922 that soon women wouldn't have to age - 'I mean shriveled or waddling old and all that.'
Woman with blanket for hope chest

What should you put in a hope chest? (1920)

What should you put in a hope chest? Linens and items for the home after the wedding, or clothing for the bride's trousseau? You can put both - but you really need to fill it with so much more.
Actress on Theater magazine - 1918 (2)

How to find your ideal weight (1920)

If you suspect that you are too fat or too thin, there are several simple rules that you can follow to find out your ideal weight... according to society in 1920.
Golden Mask of Tutankhamun

King Tut’s coffin is uncovered (1923)

The first impression of this gigantic receptacle for the dead, its sides resplendent with chaste decorations of blue and gold set against a background of brightly colored paintings on yellow was almost overwhelming.
Couple walking in the garden with flowers 1920s

How to choose a husband (1921)

How to choose a husband? Whatever you do, do not marry a man who claims to be a saint. He lives too much in his own imagination of himself. He is nearly always an unconscious or a subconscious hypocrite.

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