In the ’50s, they offered 7 giant dinosaur toys for $1 – and delivered disappointment

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Inflatable dinosaurs - Bad vintage toys from 1958
This ad offers a toy dino “made of molded one-piece quality latex.” You know what that meant in plain English? A balloon. Yep, these were big balloons with little dinosaur drawings on the side. (You can check out some much better vintage toys here.)

7 gigantic dinosaurs for $1.00 (1958)

Giant inflatable toys of pre-historic monsters — Up to 4 feet tall

Command these fun-loving prehistoric monsters to your every prank. Toss them in the air, they will always land on their feet.

Made of molded one-piece quality latex, completely inflatable with genuine toss-up feet action. Thrill to their fascinating names: Allosaurus, Sea Serpent, Prosaurolophus, Trachodon, Ceratosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Armored Dinichthys.

See what the 1980s version of this ad actually delivered here!

Inflatable dinosaurs - Bad vintage toys from 1958

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