See some gorgeous vintage ’80s Waterford crystal & chandeliers

Vintage 80s Waterford crystal and chandeliers

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Although the company was based in Ireland, thousands of Americans loved the elegance of vintage Waterford crystal — and were willing to pay a premium to get it.

Here is a look at some of Waterford’s chandeliers and other fine glassware that was for sale during the early 1980s.

The art of illumination

Probably the best investment you’ll ever make in decorating your home. It’s the same Waterford handmade crystal that now hangs in such famous places as Westminster Abbey and Kennedy Center.

Not only does it illuminate your home, a Waterford lamp or chandelier transforms it.

Waterford handmade crystal chandelier

The Collector’s Guide to Waterford

The Collector's Guide to Waterford crystal - 1981

Vintage 1980s Waterford art crystal

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Vintage Waterford: Light a crystal fire

The illuminating art of Waterford. Fire born of fire. Blown by mouth & cut wholly by hand. With heart. Visible proof of man’s conquest of light.

A new legend. An old legacy. Invest in it.

Light a crystal fire - Waterford lamps from 1981

Waterford handmade crystal chandelier light fixture from the 1980s

Light a crystal fire

Fire born of fire. The light of the stars. The light of the sun. The light of a chandelier by Waterford. A legend, blown by mouth and cut wholly by hand, with heart.

A legend that illuminates such famous places as Kennedy Center and Westminster Abbey. And perhaps soon, yours.

Waterford vintage 80s handmade crystal chandelier

Waterford crystal & Aynsley china

Live with art. Blooming beauties, born for your pleasure. Waterford Irish Crystal & Aynsley English Bone china. Made by hand. With heart. The art of living.

[At the time, Aynsley was owned by Waterford]

Vintage 80s collectible Waterford and Aynsley

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