Super-groovy makeovers to organize your dorm or bedroom (1971)

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Super-groovy makeovers for your pad or bedroom (1971)

Super-groovy makeovers to organize your dorm or bedroom (1971)

Decorating & room makeover ideas: Yours and ours

Teamwork’s the thing here! Your ideas for space-saver scenics sparked our postscripts. To bloom a room, read on.

Create groovy storage for your pad

Has a paraphernalia explosion hit your pad? Are you short on space for storing stereo and records, seating friends? Here’s one reader’s doubly good solution.


Take two double cubes in singing colors and place them under the window, then top with pillows. Presto! You have a mini music center and cushy seating, too. – Jane Schmittdiel, Los Angeles, California


Why stop with two units when you can go on like this:

  • Frame the entire window in cubist casework
  • Get set with op-art canisters to hold miscellany
  • Match wall to shades: stick on dot-and-dash vinyl
  • Zebra-stripe the floor with a no-glue, no-wax covering

Integral Cubics storage units, Con-Tact wall covering, Congoleum flooring

Window decor makeover for teen bedroom from 1971

Separate areas in the bedroom or dorm room

Too-square room, too-full closet? Two heads (plus ours) came up with these practical, decorative notes


Screenery to the rescue! Make a great divide and reap useful extra surfaces — one for fashion and accessory hang-ups, the other for a beautiful furniture backdrop. – Barbara Goldberg, Trumbull, Connecticut

Pair two trunks to make a zany dressing table with built-in storage space. Jetting away? Unstack and pack. – Ann Gilpin, St. Joseph, Missouri


Combine both bright ideas for a marvelous makeup and dressing center; clash lively hues to turn it on

  • Wrap the screenery in outdoorsy gift paper
  • Paint trunks shocking pink (they’ll never get lost)
  • Billow pillows in snappy crinkle vinyl
  • Contour-cover the bed with pillow-matching shine
  • Nest plastic-fantastic tables here and there

Paper by Faroy, Riverdale vinyl pillows, Comark fabric

Colorful screen decor for teen bedroom from 1971

Home decorating: Organizing & storage for your pad or bedroom

Do you start your day with a treasure hunt? Are possessions cramping your style? Peruse these sparkling ways to neaten a nook, put everything in its place.


Paper the walls with blooming vinyl (or any glowy cover-up), then use extra cuttings to make closet door prizes: matching bags for accessory etceteras. – Janet Schluger, Flushing, New York

Make a sunshine stand-tum an old milk can into an umbrella holder by painting it the most upbeat yellow. Or top its lid with a plump cushion for spiffy seating. – Jane Halbach, Cedar Falls, Iowa


Continue the closet clearing with handy sequels:

  • Mix nifty garment bags that go to all lengths
  • Stack two-tone boxes for accessory put-ons Open the door to towel racks, petite pictures
  • Square off the floor with stick-to-it checker tiles
  • Make tracks with furry feet-or hang them up
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Wall covering by Wall-Tex, Bogen garment bags, Goodyear floor tiles, Glenoit footprint rugs

Great storage options for teen bedroom from 1971

Time to get organized?

Change your dorm or room into a happy habitat by following these collective tips (ideal for busy students, into-everything activists)


Create a bulletin board of felt: turn edges under, thread yardsticks through and trim in contrast braid, ribbon. – Cynthia Young, Radford, Virginia

Deck the door with a giant writing pad for while-you-were-out messages, noteworthy thoughts; add fluttery butterfly placemats or cutouts for a personal touch. – Betsy Johns, Coraopolis, Pennsylvania


Swing into full zing by adding comfortable plumage:

  • Play up the floor with plush bathroom carpeting
  • Fit a spread to the bed to make it sleek in a wink
  • Give pillows the slip: hide them in bed-matched covers
  • Catch table-turning cans to store stuff and stack
  • Paper walls in prepasted zigzags (easy on and off)

Lysander carpeting, Karla bed fashions, United-DeSoto wallpaper

Organizing and decor for teen bedroom from 1971

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