How to make an old-school ‘anchors away’ boat shelter & patio (1961)

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“Anchors away” boat shelter and patio

Privacy, shelter and storage for active outdoor living

Move out of doors in style during the summer . . . yet provide year-round storage for your boat, motor and outdoor equipment. All this in one simple operation with the “Anchors Away” boat shelter and convertible patio.

The spacious patio invites good living . . . providing ample area for family gatherings or large-scale entertaining. For added privacy, the wall sections of the boat-shelter swing outward on casters to the patio fence . . . closing off the entire patio area to provide seclusion for all outdoor functions, yet adding the soft shadows and textured beauty characteristic of Weyerhaeuser natural wood siding. Remove the boat from the shelter and you have a covered patio with plenty of room for rainy day activities.

Economy . . . yes, with one outside wall of your home forming the start of the shelter. For complete, seal-tight protection, just add a “swing-up” garage door to the front of the shelter.

How to make an 'anchors away' boat shelter & patio (1961)

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How to build this boat shelter and patio

Construction is simple . . . just follow the working diagrams on the next page.

Suggested material: Weyerhaeuser 4-Square vertical grain (or flat grain) West Coast Hemlock (or Douglas Fir) finish and center-matched siding.

Go over this plan with your Weyerhaeuser 4-Square lumber and plywood dealer. He’ll help you select the Weyerhaeuser 4-Square lumber and plywood of your choice known the world over for quality, durability and minimum maintenance.

Space-saving guest wall building plan & design specifications

boat shelter & patio plan diagram

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