Design-A-Wall modular shelves for the mid-century modern home (1962)

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Design-A-Wall units: Modular shelves, bookcases, cabinets and room dividers.

What a wonderful world of beauty and utility is yours with new Design-A-Wall units!

Handsome, without costing a king’s ransom! Modular, so that you can plan a custom arrangement to fit your needs, your room. Easily assembled, because they merely slide together without tools (and easy to take apart and re-assemble in a new home or new arrangement, too).

Design-A-Wall units are as durable as they are beautiful — sturdy steel shelves and cabinets with rich walnut grain vinyl permanently bonded to the surface — so real you can’t tell it from genuine wood 12 inches away; so durable it resists stains, alcohol, scratches, even burning cigarettes — never requires polishing, just wipe clean with a damp cloth. Brass parts are lacquered, never need polishing.

Design A Wall modular shelves bookcases 1962 6

SO EASY TO ASSEMBLE, Design-A-Wall units are made in standard sizes by new mass-production methods that ensure precision assembly as well as surprising low cost. Just take ’em out of the carton and slide them together. No tools are needed, and assembly is easy as setting up your percolator or starting your washing machine. And Design-A-Wall can be just as easily taken apart for moving or a new arrangement. Illustrations at right show how a typical unit goes together — easy instructions come with each unit you buy.

LIFETIME OF BEAUTY … all shelves and cabinets are rich walnut grain vinyl permanently bonded to sturdy steel — rust-proof, liquid-proof, scratch resistant, even burn resistant. Upright pieces are triple brass-plated and lacquered for long, carefree beauty.

GOES ANYWHERE . . . WITH ANYTHING. Illustrations below show how beautifully Design-A-Wall arrangements blend with any style decor, and how they add useful space and a fashionable decorator look to a family room or a bedroom. Arrangements are limited only by your own imagination. And you can start with those you need now, add more pieces later.

Design A Wall modular shelves bookcases 1962 5

PLANNING YOUR DESIGN-A-WALL. It’s as easy as stacking children’s blocks, but lots more fun! Each piece is a standard height and width, so all you have to do is block them out on the specially designed graph charts on the last page. First, measure your room so that you know what space is available, then make your wall plans. Your Design-A-Wall Specialist will be happy to work with you. See how easily “you are a decorator with Design-A-Wall”!

Design-A-Wall is versatile; at home in every room, and it makes any room more home-like. Plan your Design-A-Wall custom arrangement today. It’s easy, fun, inexpensive!

Manufactured by All-Luminum Products, Inc., Phila. 46, Pa.

Design A Wall modular shelves bookcases 1962 2


Rec room or family room

At home in any setting — that’s Design-A-Wall! See how handsomely this custom wall and room divider arrangement lends itself to a recreation room or “family room” . . . provides both
beauty and useful storage space!

Design A Wall modular shelves bookcases 1962 3


For the kids

Perfect for Children’s Rooms! Design-A-Wall combines a handsome furniture look with carefree durability.

Design A Wall modular shelves bookcases 1962 1


In the office

Elegance for Offices at so much less than you’d expect to spend. Plan a custom wall for your specific needs!

Office bookshelves

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