Yum, Yum Bumble Bee Tuna in the ’70s

Fun fact! December 26, 1979, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin (Hawaii) reported that Castle & Cook Inc. — the owners of the Bumble Bee Tuna brand — were producing about 180 tons of tuna daily, and working toward a goal of 250 tons a day.

Our favorite tuna recipe

Tunafish: 1. Open can. 2. Serve.

We could give you an exotic new recipe for a tuna salad or a tuna sandwich or a tuna casserole. But we’re not.

Because when you take our favorite tuna recipe and add it to your favorite tuna recipe, you’ll find out something significant about tuna recipes:

The better the tuna, the better the tuna recipe.

Yum, Yum Bumble Bee (kids on a train TV commercial)

Kids: I love a sandwich made with Bumble Bee.

Announcer: Bumble Bee. You can tell it’s the freshest-tasting tuna. And you know something? Kids can tell, too.


Bumble Bee tuna at the beach TV commercial


It’s so good, you could eat it plain. (1979)

Even with all that mayo. and the onions. And the olives. And the noodles. There’s only one ingredient that can possibly make a tuna dish delicious. That’s right — the tuna. Bumble Bee.


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