6 ways to preserve raspberries (1919)

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Red raspberries fruit

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

Red raspberries fruit

6 different ways to preserve fresh raspberries

Raspberries are such a perishable fruit that they should be preserved as soon as possible after their arrival from market; to wash them, place a few in a colander and lift in and out of a pan of water twice; then lay on a wire sieve to drain.

The following tested recipes cover the best typical methods for “putting up” this delicious early summer fruit.

1. Red raspberry jam with currant juice

Wash and crush the fruit and to each quart of the berries allow half a cupful of strained currant juice. Let stand for ten or fifteen minutes, turn into a preserving kettle, bring to the boil and let simmer for twenty minutes.

Have ready heated sugar, allowing three-quarters the quantity of the uncooked fruit, and cook down until a little of the syrup jells when tried on a plate. Store in jelly tumblers, covering with paraffin when cold.

2. Red raspberry & blackcurrant jam recipe

Allow two-thirds raspberries to one-third of stemmed currants, crush the fruit, bring to a boil and cook for twenty minutes. Add three-quarters the amount of sugar that you had of the combined fresh fruits and let boil to the desired consistency. Skim once or twice after the sugar is added and store as in the previous recipe.

3. Raspberry jelly recipe

In making this delicious jelly, two-thirds raspberry juice and one-third currant juice (strained) should be combined. Heat the juices, cook for twenty minutes and add an equal measure of heated sugar to that of the strained juices. Cook until it “jells” and store in small tumblers.

By using the red raspberries and the red currants a bright, vivid jelly is produced, while, the blackberries and currants give dark, rich jelly that looks as delicious as it tastes.

4. Raspberry vinegar recipe

In making this delectable beverage, the berries may be used for this formula and then in the spiced raspberries, which are excellent to serve with cold meat.

For the vinegar, put four quarts of raspberries into an earthenware bowl, pour over it four cupsful of vinegar and leave covered in the icebox until the next day.

Strain off every particle of liquid and vinegar from the berries and pour it over four additional quarts of berries that have been placed in a clean bowl. (Save the berries for the spiced preparation.) Again, let the berries and vinegar stand overnight, and in the morning strain off the liquid and heat to the boiling point.

Add twelve cups of granulated sugar and boil for twenty minutes. Seal hot in air-tight bottles. Two or three tablespoonsful of this vinegar with cracked ice and chilled carbonated water makes a most delightful and refreshing drink on a hot day.

5. Spiced raspberries

Place the eight quarts of berries (used in the vinegar) in a preserving kettle and add eight cupsful of sugar, one cupful of boiling water, three broken sticks of cinnamon, two dozen whole cloves and two blades of mace (tied in a bit of cheesecloth). Simmer slowly for forty-five minutes. After they begin to boil, take out the spices and store like marmalade.

6. Preserved raspberries (without cooking)

These raspberries have the exact flavor of the fresh fruit and are delicious to use as a sauce with ice cream or in shortcake. Allow pound for pound of the fruit and sugar. Crush the fruit carefully, seeing that every berry is well broken, then add the sugar and, mix thoroughly.

Have ready hot, sterilized jars, fill to overflowing with the berries and sugar, adjust new rubbers and hot, sterilized covers and seal. Store in a cool, dark place.

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