Modern living: Fold-away baby gear

Most women feel that nothing takes up more room in a home than a baby, unless it is a husband, and he can be dealt with.

One way to deal with a baby in small quarters is to buy the new equipment which makes it possible to fold up everything but the baby.

During the past two years cribs, carriages and eating tables that tuck away have been made lighter, sturdier, more compact, much easier to carry and to open and close.

Brand-new additions are the play-pen [below] and a baby bath to attach to a washbasin. Not only is this equipment practical at home, but it makes travel with the baby far easier.

Vintage playpens - Fold-away baby gear from 1955 (2)

Collapsible baby equipment (from the 1950s)

Collapsible equipment for baby includes, from left:

  • Kel-Art’s Carry Crib to use on any bed, $15;
  • Thayer’s feeding table which has folded seat in top, $25;
  • Tigrett’s folded playpen (shown open at top of page);
  • Columbia Tuk-A-Way stroller with shopping bag, $17;
  • Pram-Crib at back and Baby-Pullman (right), both shown on next page.

Top: New playpen with metal legs, nylon-Dacron net sides, weighs 17 pounds, folds for travel, costs $28.

Folding baby furniture

BABY BATH which fits on most washbasins is made of aluminum tubing with plastic tub. It folds up under basin. By Fold-O-Bath, it costs about $22.

BABY-PULLMAN can be used in back seat as a crib or opened up as shown here to make a play area. Built by Stacy, it weighs 23 pounds, costs about $15.

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PERAMBULATING CRIB by Thayer ($25) folds up compactly with the mattress inside, weighs only 15 pounds. It can be used as bed or carriage.

Vintage playpens - Fold-away baby gear from 1955 (1)

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