Verb: That’s What’s Happenin’ – Schoolhouse Rock (1974)

In three-minute animated segments squeezed in among ABC’s Saturday morning cartoon shows, “Schoolhouse Rock” appeared from 1973 through 1985.

Irrepressibly catchy tunes taught millions of youngsters fundamentals of grammar, math, science and American history. Some 40 segments were produced. – Detroit Free Press (Michigan) – May 8, 1994

Schoolhouse Rock: Verb – That’s What’s Happenin’

Music and lyrics for “Verb – That’s What’s Happenin'” are by Bob Dorough, and the song was performed by Zachary Sanders. The video short, animated by Phil Kimmelman and Associates, first aired in 1974.

Verb: That’s What’s Happenin’ (video)

Lyrics to Verb: That’s What’s Happenin’

I get my thing in action Verb!
To be, to sing, to feel, to live Verb!
That’s what’s happenin’
I put my heart in action Verb!
To run, to go, to get, to give Verb!
You’re what’s happenin’

That’s where I find satisfaction, yeah! Yeah!
To search, to find, to have, to hold
Verb! To be bold
When I use my imagination Verb!
I think, I plot, I plan, I dream
Turning in towards creation Verb!
I make, I write, I dance, I sing
When I’m feeling really active Verb!
I run, I ride, I swim, I fly!
Other times when life is easy
Oh! I rest, I sleep, I sit, I lie.

Verb! That’s what’s happenin’
I can take a noun and bend it,
Give me a noun –
Bat, boat, rake, and plow
Make it a verb and really send it!
Show me how
Oh, I don’t know my own power. Verb!

I get my thing in action Verb!
In being, Verb! In doing, Verb!
In saying
A verb expresses action, being, or state of being.
A verb makes a statement. Yeah, a verb tells it like it is!

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Verb! That’s what’s happenin’.
I can tell you when it’s happenin’,
Past, present, future tense
Ooh! Tell you more about what’s happenin’,
Say it so it makes some sense
I can tell you who is happenin’!
Verb, you’re so intense
Every sentence has a subject.
Noun, person, place, or thing
Find that subject: Where’s the action?
Verb can make a subject sing
Take the subject: What is it? What!
What’s done to it? What!
What does it say?
Verb, you’re what’s happenin’

I can question like: What is it?
Verb, you’re so demanding.
I can order like: Go get it!
Verb, you’re so commanding.
When I hit I need an object
Verb, hit! Hit the ball!
When I see, I see the object
Do you see that furthest wall?
If you can see it there, put the ball over the fence, man!
Go ahead. Yeah, alright.
What?! He hit it. It’s going, it’s going, it’s gone!

I get my thing in action.
Verb, that’s what’s happenin’
To work, Verb!
To play, Verb!
To live, Verb!
To love… Verb!…

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