Vintage Pontiac car ads from the 1960s

Vintage Pontiac car ads from the 1960s

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If you loved the look, feel or power of classic Pontiacs from the sixties, you’ll want to revisit those memories by way of this collection of vintage Pontiac car ads from the 1960s.

1960 Pontiac car interiors

Here you see what so many people see in a Pontiac (in this case the Bonneville convertible with bucket seats).

The leather is richly-dyed, top-grain. The carpeting on the floor and doors is thick, soft, yet incredibly durable. The stately instrument panel is inlaid with genuine walnut. And note the cushioned assist rail.

Bonneville beckons you to behold the inspiring new interiors of all Pontiacs. Tempting fabrics and materials, graceful accents of chrome and steel, each made with painstaking care, inspected thoroughly. See and select yours soon at one of our fine dealers.

1960 Pontiac car interiors

Wide-Track makes it a great day for driving to the tune of a Pontiac V-8 (1961)

Your Pontiac whisks you from driveway to roadway with unswerving balance. Curves and turns come and go. But you sit comfortably unmoved.

We achieve such roadworthy balance this way: Body width has been trimmed, side overhang almost eliminated. More weight is placed between the wheels.

The new Trophy V-8 delivers more of what Pontiac is famous for. And on regular gas if you choose the Trophy Economy V-8 with its dollar-saving lower compression ratio.

Want to start tomorrow off right? See your fine Pontiac dealer.

Pontiac  Trophy V-8 & Trophy Economy V-8

Drive to the tune of a Wide-Track Pontiac Bonneville Vista & Trophy V-8 (1961)

pontiac v8 01 13 1961 life 2

If you think the 1963 Grand Prix is just a big, beautiful, elegant car, you obviously haven’t driven it.

Ignore the Grand Prix’s urbane good looks for the moment. (Force yourself.)

Consider, instead, what makes the car able to whisk from hither to yon in such effortless style: The standard engine, you see, is a Trophy V-8 of no less than 303 bhp, with other engines available that run up the scale to 370 bhp.

So that you’ll know what your engine is up to, there’s a tachometer on synchromesh-equipped GPs (replaced by a manifold vacuum gauge on Hydra-Matic GPs). And then, to channel a GP’s energy in the right direction, there’s that straightener of winding roads (and great leveler of uneasy roads) — Wide-Track.

Now think about those good looks. All the way down to your Pontiac dealer’s.


Pontiac Grand Prix: Not just a big, beautiful car (1963)

If you don’t want to be looked at wherever you go, don’t go in this!

We’re nothing if not anxious to help you lose your heart to our new Grand Prix. In fact, we’ll not only let you look to your heart’s content, we’ll tell you a bit about it.

You’ll find a pair of deep bucket seats up front, separated by a handy control console. A throttle that connects you to our 389-cubic-inch, 303-hp Trophy V-8 (standard, by the way). Rich carpeting that may never wear out, as far as our testers can tell right now. Self-adjusting brakes (like all Pontiacs).

But we’d better save some of the GP’s wonders for our dealers — we figure you ought to be on your way to one of them just about now.


The 1965 Catalina Convertible

Some cars try to look like Pontiacs. Some cars try to act like Pontiacs. Lots of luck.

The 1965 Catalina Convertible

Wide-Track Pontiac/’66: What does it take to make a new improved GTO?

Wide-Track Pontiac - 66

The 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix

If you had two wishes, what would the second one be?

The 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix

Quick Wide-Track Tigers – ’65 Pontiac LeMans & GTO

How to tell a real tiger from a pussycat: Drive it.

Quick Wide-Track Tigers - 65 Pontiac LeMans and GTO

Wide-Track Pontiac ’66

Everyone tried to improve on the ’65 Pontiac. We did…

Wide-Track Pontiac 1966

1965 Pontiac Bonneville

Any car that is this responsive, obedient and satisfying to drive simply has no right to be this good looking

1965 Pontiac Bonneville

You don’t have to turn the key to be moved by it

If you gravitate helplessly toward every Pontiac you see, you’re simply human.

wide-track-pontiac-vintage-ad-1966 (3)

With a second car like this, who needs a first car?

Wide-Track Pontiac ’66 station wagon from GM


’66 Pontiacs: Brougham, Ventura, Grand Prix, Tempest & more

The tiger scores again! And again!

It’s dramatically fresh and new, but still very, very Pontiac. That’s written all over it, from the no-doubt-about-it new front end to the trimly tailored rear. (Did you think for one minute that we’d leave out the unique Pontiac styling character you like so well? Never!) Another nice thing about the ’66 Pontiacs is that there are more of them — 3 new super-sumptuous Broughams and 4 Venturas.

And of course for you other Pontiac lovers we’ve got a bright new Grand Prix, new Catalinas, new Star Chief Executives — all with new Wide-Track ride and improved cat-quick handling. But you’ll discover those things when you turn one of our new ’66 tigers loose. You’ll find them where all the people are. Where else?

You’re looking at the newest thing in tigers. Sleek, lean-muscled new style. New power that starts with a revolutionary new kind of six and ranges through four V-8’s. Crisp curves shape the new silhouette, and the sports coupe sports a new kind of smartly recessed rear window.

Pontiac’s revolutionary overhead cam six acts more like a V-8, looks like no six you ever saw, and still remembers that saving is what six buyers buy sixes for. Delivers 165 hp (or you can specify the sports package which includes the 207-hp version). And it’s standard on all Tempests, Tempest Customs and Le Mans V-8’s. Up to 360 hp in the GTO.

See all the ’66 tigers. If you can resist buying one, maybe you just don’t like cars.

wide-track-pontiacs-for-1966 (1)

Wide-Track Pontiac/’66

The formidable 2.2, also available as a hardtop.

The ultimate tiger: GTO-also in sports coupe and convertible configurations.

wide-track-pontiacs-for-1966 (2)

57 Pontiacs: Convertibles, sedans, station wagons & other classic cars

The only trouble with driving a Bonneville… (1966)

… is that you can’t just sit and admire it

Particularly if you’ve a weakness for what makes a Bonneville a Bonneville: stainless steel down its flanks and bright touches at its windows and roofline.

wide-track-pontiac-vintage-ad-1966 (2)

1967 Pontiac GTO

This incredibly sleek mass is the 1967 Pontiac GTO. At rest. Four hundred cubic inches of engine under a magnificently refined new skin.

In 255 and 335 horsepower variations. With even more of the distinguishing features that have made The Great One great.

You can order things like our new 360-hp Quadra-Power 400, a 3-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic with manual shift control, front-wheel disc brakes, eight-track stereo. Nor have we ignored its understudies — Le Mans and Tempest.

The 165-hp Overhead Cam Six is standard. The 215-hp OHC 6 (with or without the Sprint option) is available. Or choose between 250- and 285-hp V-8s. New interiors. New colors. New options. New safety features, like a dual master cylinder brake system with warning light.

And, naturally, the road-hugging security of Wide-Track. 1967 may now begin. Pontiac 67/Ride the Wide Track winning streak.

1967 Pontiac GTO

1967 Pontiac Firebird cars

Jun 16, 1967 Pontiac Firebird cars

1968 Pontiac GTO classic cars

If you think Wide-Tracking is just a slogan, you’ve never been behind the wheel of The Great One.

Slogans don’t straighten curves. Or conquer hills with the ease of an Alpine tram. But then, not many cars do, either. Which is why our GIG is so reverently referred to as The Great One.

The GTO’s ability in the aforementioned situations can be traced partly to its standard 400-cubic-inch, 4-barrel V-8. A 3-speed with Hurst shifter. And Fastrak, redline tires that adhere to the road like glue clings to your fingers.

However, The Great One didn’t merit Motor Trend magazine’s “Car of the Year” accolade merely for its driving prowess. Its polished sheet metal is molded into the shape of tomorrow. And up front the world’s most fantastic bumper. So fantastic, you have to kick it to believe it.

So when you next read that Wide-Tracking in a GTO is great, don’t shrug and turn the page. See your Pontiac dealer. Where test drives speak louder than words.

Great American Sports also dig Le Mans, Firebird, Catalina, Bonneville and Grand Prix.

1968 Pontiac GTO classic cars

Here it’s 1968 and you’ve never played Wide-Tracking? Maybe you’re not a great American sport.

Here’s your big chance to find out. Pontiac’s Firebird for 1968. With bucket seats, wide-oval tires, a European-inspired, 175-hp Overhead Cam Six engine and some of the most exotic sheet metal ever to grace a sports car.

And, if our basic fun machine doesn’t bring out the sport in you, you’ve still got four more chances, ranging all the way up to the 335-hp Firebird 400 H.O.

With twin hood scoops, dual exhausts, redline wide-ovals and heavy-duty floor shift. Each of the Magnificent Five carries our new bag of safety features, including windshield pillar padding.

And if, after you’ve tried Wide-Tracking, none of the great American sports cars has gotten under your skin, what have you lost? You can go right back to spending your evenings at home.

Great American sports cars also dig Le Mans, GTO, Catalina, Bonneville and Grand Prix. Pontiac Motor Division.

Pontiac's Firebird for 1968

Pontiac Firebird HO from 1968

Pontiac Firebird HO from 1968

Wide-Track 1968 Pontiac GTO

And all along you thought you had to forsake Wide-Tracking when you moved up to a luxury car.

We have no idea how this misconception ever got off the ground. For, as you can observe below. Bonneville isn’t just another fantastic Pontiac. It begins with a long, lean body, poised on the biggest wheelbase we make-124 inches.

Inside, you’re greeted by the opulence of nylon-blend broadloom that extends door-to-door and then some. Generous swathes of simulated burl grained Carpathian elm abound on doors and dash. And upholstery is no less fine: everything from exquisite cloth and supple Morrokide, to all-Morrokide.

And if you’re the kind who requires even more pampering, there’s our Brougham Option. It includes extra touches of luxury like rich, cloth upholstery so stately you may not want to be seated. Bonneville a luxury car? Definitely. Wide-Track? The Widest.

So who says Wide-Tracking has to end when you’re ready to move up. When your time comes, see your Pontiac dealer.

1968 Bonneville isn't just another fantastic Pontiac

We’ve just received our 4th Car of the Year award. But with a car like this, what did you expect?

Below, the 1968 GTO, better known as The Great One. It’s this year’s recipient of Motor Trend magazine’s Car of the Year award. Which means that Pontiac now has the distinction of being the only car manufacturer in the world to have won this award four separate times.

The award was given for the engineering of the whole car. The most significant feature of which is a revolutionary bumper that’s so fantastic you have to kick it to believe it.

And The Great One’s amazing super-snout is not only the same lustrous color as the car, but it won’t chip, fade or corrode. But don’t get the impression that The Great One is all show.

With a 400-cubic-inch, 4-barrel V-8 or our optional Ram Air engine with deep-breathing scoops, the GTO is Wide-Tracking at its ultimate. With all this going for The Great One, did you really have any doubts about which car is this year’s Car of the Year? Seems like everything our engineers touch turns to great.

Pontiac 1968 GTO, better known as The Great One

Wide-Track 1968 Pontiac GTO: Learn the great American sport of Wide-Tracking in a great American sports car.

Learn the great American sport of Wide-Tracking in a great American sports car.

And one from 1969: It’s the official car of the U.S. Ski Team. But don’t let that snow you.

Pontiac’s GTO stands on its specs. Always has. Always will.

You can do that when you’ve got a standard 350-horse, 400-cube Quadra-jet V-8 going for you. Plus a 366-hp V-8 and a 370-hp Ram Air IV V-8 waiting to be ordered. (Both come with controls on the instrument panel to open and close those anything-but-dainty nostrils on the hood.)

You can do it when you’ve got a fully synchronized 3-speed cogbox with a floor-mounted Hurst shifter. Or a close-ratio 4-speed or Turbo Hydra-matic. Order either.

And you can do it when you’ve got the swiftest lines to come along since NASA started shooting for green cheese. All capped off by an Endura snout that refuses to ding. If you’re snowed by those goodies, OK.

Find out more at your Pontiac dealer’s. While you’re there, ask about an official U.S. Ski Team poster. It’ll prove you’re not alone in your enthusiasm.

The Wide-Track Family for ’69: Grand Prix, Bonneville, Brougham, Executive, Catalina, GTO, LeMans, Custom S, Tempest and Firebird. Pontiac Motor Division.

The year of the Great Pontiac Break Away.

01-31-1969-The year of the Great Pontiac Break Away

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