Get a ’70s makeover: Step-by-step guide to a new you (1978)

’70s makeover: A step-by-step guide to a new you

From the scrubbed to the sensational look, with expert tips on how to do your own makeover

Step-by-step guide to a new you-1978-makeup (3)

It’s true, of course, that not everybody can face the world like our model — without a bit of makeup and with her hair simply anchored behind her ears — and still look pretty good.

But if a little professional expertise can make the amazing transformation opposite, think what it could do for the rest of us! Our experts started their you-can-do-it-too demonstration by setting our model’s fine, straight hair on rollers, to give it body and wave, and sweeping it to one side in a lovely line that follows her face shape.

Get a '70s makeover: Step-by-step guide to a new you


Vintage makeup how-to

It’s easy to do your own makeover, using these 14 beauty techniques.

But before you start, study your face to determine which features to enhance, which to de-emphasize. Should you be playing up your cheekbones or lips; reshaping a round face, a square jaw? Here’s how.

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’70s makeover steps 1-6

Shape brows, brush brows, Moisturize, Cover under-eye circles, Camouflage expression lines, Contour before applying foundation

Get a '70s makeover

’70s makeover steps 7-14

Accent cheekbones & slim jawline, Dot on foundation, Color eyelids, Pencil on color, Brush on mascara, Outline lips, Color in lips, Gloss lips

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Step-by-step guide to a new you

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