Cute & cheap womens’ clothes & accessories from the ’70s

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Cute and cheap womens' fashions from the 70s

Foxy fashions and accessories from 1972

Vintage ’70s clothes: Pick-me-ups under $10 (from 1972)

Add a little magic to a familiar sunny-day wardrobe — new snap, new shine — to lift the spirits without lightening the purse too much.

The headlined price ceiling, $10, is put together with three rhinestone pins, a $-sign that costs $7 and the numbers 1 and 0 at $6 each! All by Willie Woo.

Foxy fashions and vintage accessories 1972

Retro clothing & accessories: Star-spangled vote-de-o-do

1. Cotton denim jeans with “convention” border print, $8, Maverick, sizes 5-15; nylon body shirt, $8. from Montgomery Ward, sizes SML; pointelle shrink vest. $5, from Montgomery Ward, SML; metal V-O-T-E pendant. $2, from Sears.

2. Voters‘ rhinestone scatter pins — flag, donkey, elephant, hat, DEM, GOP, $2 each; flag ring, $1, all from Sears; acrylic pullover. $8. from Montgomery Ward; sunglasses, $10, Renauld; on her wrist…

3. a regimental watchband, leather and cotton, $2.95. Brite Industries.

4. Candidate slippers of crinkle vinyl have plastic-faced pockets for pictures of your favorite Mr. and Ms., $3.50, Certified Creations, 8. M, ML, L, XL. More snap, more shine.

5. Arnel jersey halter. $10, Ruth Manchester, SML; cotton headband with vinyl gardenia. $6, Ruza.

6. Strip sandals with cork-like polyurethane platform soles, $9, 5-10, from Montgomery Ward.

7. Lace-trimmed peasant blouse, 32-38, and dirndl skirt with elasticized waist. SML, both cotton, each $3 from F. W. Woolworth; jawbreaker bracelet, $9, Willie Woo.

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Foxy fashions and accessories for her from 1972 (3)

8. Rhinestone-die tie tack, $4, by Willie Woo is worn on…

9. acetate twill tie. $3. Scarves by Vera; shirt, Dacron polyester and cotton. $4, from F. W. Woolworth.

10. Creatures costume: Frog-printed cotton denim jeans. $7. Maverick, 5-15; owl-buckled belt (close-up in photo 14). $10. Mr. We; Dureen cotton tank top, keyhole neckline, $9. Bananas by Nancy Bossio, SML; glass pussycat pendant (close-up in photo 13), $5, Mr. We;

11. Floppy “straw” brim hat is viscose. $5, Betmar; Dureen cotton midriff top, U-neckline, angel sleeves. $9, Bananas by Nancy Bossio, SML.

12. Canvas envelope on chain, $7, Elegant; vinyl gardenia pin. $4, Ruza; vinyl strap sandals keep the feet air-conditioned. $7. Bertlyn, S, M, ML, L, XL.

Foxy fashions and accessories for her from 1972 (2)

Vintage fashion for the activists & accessories from the 70s

1. For a long stretch of tennis or 2. boating, try unbeatable cotton and nylon knit coordinates in rice stitch and stretch terry respectively. Each bodysuit, $8, skirt, $6. Belcrest Fashions. SML. Red cotton hat, $4, Glentex.

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Foxy fashions and accessories for her from 1972 (4)

3. Hopsacking biker’s shoes, jute-laced, and…

4. plaid visor team up with…

5. cotton denim jeans and acrylic jersey surplice halter. Shoes, $9, B. F. Goodrich, sizes 5-10. Visor, $8, by Fiuza, matches plaid belt, $10, by Elegant. Jeans, $6.50, Maverick, 5/6-15/ 16. Halter, $3. Glentex.

6. Convertible bandeau, cotton-and-elastic, works as turban or beach bra, $1.50, Glentex.

7. Hand-washable cotton duck wedgie clogs, cork bottoms, $5. Gustave Dearfoam.

8. Cotton bandana, 27″ square, $3, Echo; rhinestone ¢-sign pin, $5.50, Willie Woo. Girl-next-door gingham (polyester and cotton).

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Foxy fashions and accessories for her from 1972 (5)

9. Sweetheart hat, $4; pinned to it, a carnation, $2. Both Glentex.

10. Multicolored smock top, $10, Glentex. SML.

11. Hot lips rhinestone barrette, $8, Willie Woo.

12. Open shank T-strap, $7, Gustave Dearfoam. Open-toe, open-heel ghillie, $7, Winig Feather Moc. Both are in cotton gingham, sizes S, M, ML, L, XL.

Foxy fashions and accessories for her from 1972 (1)

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Affordable ’70s fashion: Clothes from the summer of 1973

Finding clothes with charm and style isn’t easy, especially when you’re trying to do it on a shoestring. But look what we’ve found. Outfits that add up to something other than dollars.

Fashions to cash in on (1973)

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