Forever Krystle & Carrington fragrances (1986-1987)

Forever Krystle & Carrington were his and hers fragrances created to capitalize on the popularity of the TV show Dynasty. They were named for two of the main characters: Krystle Carrington (played by Linda Evans) and her oil tycoon husband Blake Carrington (played by John Forsythe).

Forever Krystle & Carrington (1987)

The romance continues…

Both created to celebrate the love that lives forever


Forever Krystle perfume (1986)

The love that lives forever

“My darling Krystle, I’ve had this fragrance created especially for you. I think it’s as beautiful and elegant and romantic and as warm as you are. Every time you wear it, I want you to remember that I’ll love you forever. – Blake”

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