The easy-to-use Amstrad Word Processor (1987)

SAVE $100 and say good-bye to annoying typing mistakes

Monitor: High resolution, green phosphor screen. Large display area of 90 columns x32 lines of text.

Disk Drive: Built-in drive saves Information on 3-in. floppy disks (about 70 pages per side).

Keyboard. Easy-to-learn typewriter style. 82 keys include word processing keys, fractions, foreign language characters.

Printer. Dot matrix. Provides near letter-quality printouts in over 50 type styles and sizes.

The easy-to-use AMSTRAD Word Processor is now easy to buy, too! One box holds the complete system — everything shown plus word processing software and simple instructions.


Just plug if in and do all this:

  • Move paragraphs or entire pages. Delete sentences, phrases and words. Adjust punctuation or margins. The result: a perfect document every time.
  • Edit on screen. Jot down ideas and rough an outline. Draft a document and refine it at your convenience.
  • Format generic letters to save time.
  • Store your work in draft or final stage, return to it at any time.
  • Print as many originals as you need while working on another document. Come see how easy it is. Come save.

NOW $399.99 complete in one box at Sears (And that’s no mistake)

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