1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme & Cutlass Calais

Take a look at the car your kid will be driving in the year 2000

Ordinarily, we wouldn’t make such a bold prediction. But then, the 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme is anything but ordinary.

It is the product of five years of engineering and design, the net result of over a million miles of testing. In the purest sense of the word, the new Cutlass Supreme is truly a totally new Oldsmobile. Just look at it. the sleek lines. The smooth shape. Styling that is destined to become the standard of a new generation. But advanced styling isn’t the only reason the Cutlass Supreme is ahead of its time…

vintage-oldsmobile-cutlass-ads-1988-1989 (1)

oldsmobile-cutlass-nov-1988 (3)

oldsmobile-cutlass-nov-1988 (2)


35 miles per gallon can be fun

To a lot of people, fuel economy has become something of a four-letter word. As in drab. And boxy. And dull.

Fortunately, this group never included the designers of the new Cutlass Calais? As you can readily see, the only thing this sporty performer econo- mizes on is gasoline As you can’t so readily see, the Calais’ technological array is equally attractive. Front-wheel drive, MacPherson strut suspension, and five on the floor make driving a real joy…

vintage-oldsmobile-cutlass-ads-1988-1989 (2)

oldsmobile-cutlass-nov-1988 (1)

oldsmobile-cutlass-nov-1988 (4)

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