Introducing new Cabbage Patch Kids Cereal (1985)

Introducing the first kids’ cereal even mothers will love

New Cabbage Patch Kids brand Cereal is the one cereal both moms and kids can feel good about. Because we took the fun and fantasy of Cabbage Patch, turned it into a delicious taste that kids love, and then made it low in sugar!

How low? Only 3 grams of sugar per serving, compared with 10 to 13 grams in most children’s cereals, so you can decide the right amount of sugar your kids eat for breakfast. And what’s more, there are no artificial flavors, either.

New Cabbage Patch Kids Cereal is so delicious, such fun to eat and so low in sugar, you’ll see why it’s the first kids’ cereal even mothers will love.

From Ralston-Purina, 1985

Cabbage Patch Kids Cereal (1985)


>> Two other cereals they don’t make any more: Post Crispy Critters (1987) and King Vitaman (1974)


Play the Cabbage Patch Kids low sugar cereal instant win game!

Cabbage Patch Kids Cereal


Try new low sugar Cabbage Patch Kids cereal and save 25 cents

The low-sugar cereal your kids will ask for!

New Cabbage Patch Kids brand Cereal

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