Vintage personalized Captain Kangaroo records (1977)

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Here are a couple covers of personalized 45 RPM record singles, featuring kids’ television star Captain Kangaroo. Each one contained four songs, including a spelling tune and a birthday song.

Nancy’s personalized record

If your name is Nancy, this is your very own record! Your name is on every song!

Dear Nancy

This is one of the nicest ideas in records. All four songs are about your name, inclduing a birthday party song and a spelling song of your own name. It’s your very own record — and I’m sending it to you!!!!

My Name records – a product of Pickwick International, Inc.


Personalized records for Eric & Jonathan



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5 Responses

  1. My Son Mark got a 45RPM Birthday Record from Captain Kangaroo circa mid 1970’s. His Grandma bought it for him. We played it on his birthday every year of his life (so fun) I still have it, Mark died last October and today is his birthday.The first since he died at age 44. I played it this morning, I’ll play it every year until I die. Thanks Captain

  2. My son Mark had the same record when he was 4 or 5. His grandmom got it for him too! I wish I had taken better care and thought to bring it out to play on his birthdays. He now has a son, Mark, Jr. and I would love to have a copy made for his second birthday. His father loved that 45 and made us play it everyday for MONTHS after his birthday. I think his son, my grandson, would cherish it just as much. Thank you for sharing your memory!

  3. any body know If I can get a copy of a personalized birthday song my son turns 40 this yr and want to surprise him I seemed to have lost his

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