In the ’70s, it wasn’t a party until someone started spraying Silly String

It’s new – It’s silly – It’s fun!

Squirts 1/4 mile of plastic fun! Startling – Laughing – Fun! – Parties – Hilarious – Surprise – Crazy – Action

Squirting plastic fun – Puff into shapes – Make little animals – Decorate your bike – Great party fun and wild decorations

'70s Silly String! #vintagetoys #parties #sillystring #ClickAmericana

Wham-O’s Colored plastic string in a can

Toymakers throughout the country are turning out playthings so intriguing that adults are enjoying them as much as — or more — than youngsters.

Franklin B. Carelli, owner and operator of Town Toy Co., 363 High St. (Pottstown, Pennsylvania), said the hottest item on his shelves is Silly String, popular with young and old alike.

Silly String comes in an aerosol can, and when pointed at someone appears very menacing. When the button on top is pressed, a steady stream of pink or green plastic spews from the can, but is not harmful to the skin or clothing.

“When people shoot Silly String at some unsuspecting person, the result usually is a scream,” Carelli said. “At first glance, the contents appear to be paint, and can alarm someone not acquainted with it.”

The substance actually is a liquid plastic which solidifies when it comes in contact with the air. A quarter mile of the string is contained in one can.

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Wham-O Silly String – Surprise action!

Office Parties – New Year’s Eve – Football Games

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The party favorite – More fun than throwing custard pie! Shoots a stream of plastic string. Red fluorescent color.

Pink Silly String - Party toy fun from the 70s - #ClickAmericana


Silly String for your New Year’s Eve party

Some fun! Wham-O SILLY STRING shoots a plastic stream 1/4 mile long! Non-toxic; won’t stain or stick. In our toy department.

Fun with vintage Silly String! #vintagetoys #parties #sillystring #ClickAmericana

Everybody wants to try Silly String (video – TV commercial)

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