Miracle in the Rain – movie review (1956)

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The reel dope: Miracle in the Rain

Miracle in the Rain” is a sad anecdote stretched to 110 minutes of old-fashioned storytelling by Ben Hecht, whose forte is not sentimentality. This photoplay has top-notch names attached to it, but the miracle they pass is no “Marty,” and the story fails to burn with the pure flame of the candles that Jane Wyman, its heroine, lights to Saint Andrew.

Miss Wyman plays a New York office worker who finds love in the rain with Van Johnson, an Army private on leave. Sorrow eventually dampens their impending union — and then the “miracle” occurs.

The truest trouping among many Manhattan “types” is by the stage’s Eileen Heckart as plain-Jane’s plainer friend. (Warner Bros)

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Miracle in the Rain movie clip/trailer

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