Love your laundry room

In the ’50s, the love you had for your kitchen paled only in comparison to the adoration you felt for your washer and dryer. (Don’t miss How to be a perfect fifties housewife: In the kitchen!)

The laundry adoration society

Your dryer was so efficient, you could even leave the door to outside wide open — even when it was raining — while you gingerly caressed your favorite pink appliances (featuring matching cabinetry).



You might even put up a mobile to make the laundry room even cheerier, given all the time you liked to spend in there. (We imagine that the mother and daughter in this photo had been standing there, snuggling the blanket, for an hour and a half when this photo was taken.)



Your reverence for these household machines ought to suggest the appropriate formal attire for laundering duties.


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It’s all so keen, you were even cool with showing off your wonderfully clean apron while Junior sat on the floor… eating a bowl of mud.


Meanwhile, your baby has actually come to crave fabric softener.



Doing laundry in the 1950s was so simple! You only needed one hand!



Laundry time was all the more fun when the work was accompanied by ukulele music.

1951 Ad Westinghouse Laundromat Washing Machine


When you were done pointing to the clothes, always help yourself to a piece of fruit — conveniently located nearby!

1950 Ad Westinghouse Laundromat Washing Machine


If you folded some towels and set them out — next to a cup of detergent — you could go relax. Fool the world into thinking you’re hard at work doing laundry.



That dress had some serious static cling issues.



Everyone loved to hang out in the laundry room!



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A washer AND dryer was twice as much fun!



“Look, Junior! Here’s an identical shirt I washed earlier!”



The real reason she loved doing the laundry: the chance to caress the towels.



Sure beat the drudgery of living in black & white!



Let’s face it — you were pretty darn smug about your laundering abilities.



That’s because your wash wasn’t just clean — it was sanitary and white!

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