Drop dead Mr Fly! Gulfspray insect killer (1955)

Drop dead Mr Fly!

The sure way to bomb flies and mosquitoes out of your home! Extra-handy-to-use, push-button Gulfspray Aerosol Bomb is waiting at your grocer’s.

1. Powerful! Contains pyrethrins and other knock-’em-dead insect killers!

2. Fast! Quick action when sprayed on ants, roaches and many other bugs!

3. Pleasant! No lingering after-odor with the Gulfspray bomb!

4. Economical – one Gulfspray bomb takes care of 60 average rooms (12 x 15 x 8).

Quick Action Gulfspray liquid is available for use in your own spray gun – pints, quarts, gallons.

1955-Gulfspray insect killer

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