Ko-ko-nut pie recipe (1950)

Date: December 1950
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Ohhh lady! Try this Karo Ko-ko-nut pie!

Once your family tastes this Karo coconut creation, Lady, you’re in… as a champion pie baker. Its golden lacy top, its luscious filling with delicate coconut shreds… well, try it, and remember… the only way to make this marvelous pie is with Karo syrup — easy and economical.


Variations: Pecan or Peanut pie — Follow above recipe for Karo Ko-ko-nut pie. Substitute 1 cup pecans or peanuts for the coconut and 1 teaspoon vanilla for the lemon juice. Reduce salt to 1/4 teaspoon.

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Publication date: December 1950

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  1. Sylvieann

    Karo makes great pecan pies. This is a little different with peanuts, coconut, or pecans as ingredients. Never saw this before. Will definitely make for my husband. Thanks for sharing your vintage recipe!

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