See popular BMX bikes from the ’70s & ’80s

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1981 Schwinn BMX bikes

The popular BMX (bike moto-cross) bikes

Breaking away from the multi-speed bikes, a new source of biking entertainment is becoming increasingly popular, especially for the youngsters. BMX (bike moto-cross) features a sturdy bike, usually with 20-inch wheels, that has been reinforced to withstand the twists and jolts of taking a bike through a series of bumps, dumps and controlled turns while maintaining a rapid rate of pedaling.

A spin-off of cross-country motorbike racing, BMX bikes feature heavy-duty frames, extra strength rims and thick spokes to take the pounding.

According to Bill Walker, manager of Scheel’s Hardware, “The BMX bikes are becoming very popular. They constitute a large part of our bike sales.” – St Cloud Times (Minnesota) – May 18, 1982

On the trail: Schwinn Phantom

Want to ride on uncharted trails? Explore the off-the-road pathways and still have a bike strong enough to stand up to the punishment of the BMX track? It’s the Schwinn Phantom Scrambler with the exclusive BMX frame design, competition-style saddle, coaster brake, 20″ x 2.125″ knobby tires. At your Schwinn Dealer — now!

Apr 1980 Schwinn bikes

Merry BMXmas! Santa knows good thrash when he sees it. (1980)

Because whether you’re kicking up dirt or cruising down pavement, a Schwinn Phantom Scrambler is one honkin’ machine.

And you can’t get it anywhere except your round-the-corner Schwinn dealer.

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Schwinn BMX bikes 1980

For the ride of your life… Murray’s dynamic new BMX! (1980)

On or off the dirt track, these tough, exciting new BMX bikes perform like winners from start to finish.

With dynamic design features like (A) special slotted rear entry wheel clip for quick, easy chain adjustment; (B) raised hanger and 6-1/2″ crank for high torque power and extra ground clearance; (C) durable, but light, wide-flange hub; (D) 4″ head for custom fork assemblies; (E)fully gusseted frame, and much more! Whether you get your Murray for BMX competition or just for fun, you’ll have the rides of your life!

Apr 1980 BMX bikes

Welcome to the Big Leagues. (1981)

Every time you roll up on a Schwinn BMX, you get some special free extras. Like nods of approval. And envious glances. Even some oohs and aahs.

Because you’re not just riding the newest gizmo from some fly-by-night BMX outfit. You’re riding a Schwinn. Which automatically earns you a big hunk of respect.

Rightfully so. Over the years, we’ve been refining the art of building rugged, good-looking BMX. So you might just say a Schwinn BMX is your ticket up to the Big Leagues. Of course, it’s up to you to stay there. See the Yellow Pages for your nearest dealer. Schwinn.

Bicycles shown: Phantom Mag, Scrambler Mag, Scrambler

For your safety, be sure to pad your bicycle, wear a helmet, and cover your arms, legs, and feet. Racing pads extra. Note: Anyone using Schwinn bicycles in competitive events or in bicycle motocross, dirt biking or similar activities assumes the risk of any resulting personal injury, damage or failure of the bicycle.

1981 Schwinn BMX bikes

BMX bikes just got bigger and badder (1981)

Make way for the BMX that grew up! The all-new Team Murray X24.

1981 BMX bikes Team Murray

If you’ve been dreaming about a BMX bike like this, wake up! (1983)

You know the one. The bike you’ve dreamt about, but never could afford. A track-tested BMX racer that looks great, runs hot, and takes on the competition with style.

Well, now you can get that kind of bike for around $100. Sometimes even less.

Just pick one of the new Huffy Racing machines, a whole series of dirt grabbing action from America’s largest-selling brand.

They’re all fully loaded with the kinds of components BMX pros demand. Features like two-finger levers. California Lite pad kit. Tubular fork. Viscount saddle. Competition tread gumwalls.

And every one’s so fast, the checkered flag is right on it.

So stop dreaming about the great looking bike you can’t afford. And start riding the great looking bike you can afford.

Huffy – America’s First Choice

Nov 1983 Huffy BMX bikes

Awesome! (1983)

Team Murray. The hottest riders in BMX competition. They compete against the toughest top-level riders around… 

Ride like a champ on the BMX bike with all the world-class racin’ speed and maneuverability built right in. They take all the punishment Team Murray can dish out.

Mar 1983 Murray BMX bikes

Vintage 10-speed bicycles from Schwinn, Murray, Raleigh & others

Stu Thomsen, the main man in BMX has teamed with Huffy, numero uno in bikes.

The result: The Stu Thomsen Series. Totally BMX. Totally awesome. With Competition Certified-monster frame and fork. Power Stem. Power Bar.

Every part of this bike has a part of Stu Thomsen built right in. Right down to those pinstripe pads. Go ahead. Discover the experience. The BMXperience of Huffy, Stu. And you.

1985 Huffy BMXperience bike

Kuwahara BMX bike (1979)

When your shooting for the top, start with a bike that’s already there, KUWAHARA. This precision racing machine begins with a tough chrome-molly frame and fork.

It’s loaded with the hottest parts around, Sun-Tour stem, hubs, seat clamp and V/X crankset, Dia-Compe MX 1000 brakes with micro-adjuster and quick release, Redline V-bar, KKT Lighting alloy pedals, Ukai skinny-side box rims, alloy seat post and Taihei Elina nylon seat.

The KUWAHARA will make you look like a winner too, with a beautiful black, blue or white finish and super clean matching anodized alloy equipment. This dynamite bike sells for under $300 at selected BMX bike shops, check it out today. Put yourself on top of the pack with a KUWAHARA between you and the track.

Kuwahara bicycles

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