Easy craft project: Make a retro-style bulletin board (1983)

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Craft how-to Make a bulletin board for your bedroom 1983-001

Soft talk: Make your own bulletin board

From Dynamite magazine – February 1983

Bulletin! Bulletin! The message is loud and clear that soft sculpture is here to stay!

You can be a soft sculpture artist and create a work of art that’s as practical as it is pretty. A plush and plump bulletin board framed by satiny stars, clouds, and moon crescents is guaranteed to add a soft touch to your room.

All you need is an old satin coat lining that nobody wants anymore and some other easy-to-find materials.

How to make this easy pinboard

First, cut a piece of heavy cardboard into the size and shape you want your bulletin board to be.

To make your board puffy, cover it with an old towel, and tack or staple the towel to the back of the board. Then wrap the piece of satiny material around it. Tape or staple it in the back as neatly as you can.

Next, double over the remaining satiny fabric (or any other fabric you have) and cut out two of each of the shapes you’d like to decorate your board with. A moon, stars, clouds, or even a Pac-Man are all easy shapes to sew.

Sew the soft sculpture shapes with their satin sides together, leaving a small opening so you can stuff them. Turn them right side out. Then stuff them with cotton balls or old pantyhose.

Arrange your creations on the board by attaching a safety pin to the back of each puffy piece. Hang up your bulletin board, and when your friends say, “Wow! Was it hard?,” you simply say, “No, soft!”



Craft how-to Make a bulletin board for your bedroom 1983

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