Experience the 1978 Olds Starfire & Starfire GT

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Experience the 1978 Olds Starfire or Starfire GT

Experience Olds Starfire or Starfire GT. No road will ever be the same.

Experience Starfire. Get behind the wheel of Starfire.

You’re surrounded by full-foam bucket seats. Neatly arranged gauges. Sporty floor shift. Things you might expect to pay extra for. Behind you, a functional hatchback and plenty of room for your gear.

Take off and move solidly over the road with Starfire’s computer-selected coil springs and strong suspension system. Under the hood, Starfire is powered by a standard 151 L4 engine geared by a standard fully synchronized manual transmission.

1978 Olds Starfire or Starfire GT

Experience Starfire GT. Starfire with a little more fire. Special GT suspension helps tame the road. Sport wheels. Wide tires. ID striping. Full instrumentation. Even-firing 231 V6 engine, standard. 305 VS is available. Starfire GT means business!

Both Starfires are equipped with GM-built engines produced by various divisions. See your dealer for details. Starfire and Starfire GT. Check them out at your Olds dealer. No road will ever be the same.

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