Chrysler: The new 1959 cars of the Forward Look

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

The cars that can do what they look like they can do As you can see here, there’s no mistaking the new 1959 Cars of The Forward Look, coming or going. But it takes a drive to bring out the difference great engineering makes.

They take corners like a cat . . . don’t bob their tails when you start fast . . . don’t dip their noses when you hit the brakes. That’s Torsion-Aire Ride. Makes them the best-handling cars in America — and doesn’t cost you a cent extra.

You can have Pushbutton TorqueFlite controls that are next to your left hand-so your right can stay on the wheel. Constant-Control power steering that helps you full time-not just on turns. The surest brakes you’ve ever felt underfoot. New engines that give you even greater performance and economy than last year’s! You can have seats that swivel when you get in and out, headlights that dim themselves automatically when you meet another car, and a rear vision mirror that adjusts itself electronically to take the glare out of night lights.

And all this is just part of the story! Why not get it all? Take an hour this week to see how it feels to drive cars that can do what they look like they can do — the exciting new ’59 Cars of The Forward Look.


Dodge for ’59 is all new. Headlamps are set under sweeping chrome brows. The bumper swoops down low, then up and around. And, like all cars of The Forward Look, there’s safety glass all around. Looks fast even standing still. Sculptured fins and lights give the 59 Dodge a distinctive flair. Notice how the trunk on this and our other cars Opens wide and low-makes it easy to load and unload.


Chrysler for ’59 has a new engine — and looks as powerful up front as it is. Headlamps blend into the handsome aluminum grille. with parking and turn signal lights just below. You can’t see the tail pipes on the 1959 Chrysler because they’re hidden. to go with the clean, modern look in back. The new bumper is low. massive and functional. protecting both plates and lights.



Plymouth for ’59 is longer — looks lower and wider too. The massive grille and big low-slung bumper give it a powerful poised look. Notice how the headlamps “float” against deep-set black. New sports deck for Plymouth is an elegant optional touch this your. Note the clean sweep of fins, edged with chrome. Lights blend into the roar-neat. decorative, and completely in proportion.

De Soto

De Soto for ’59 has its own kind of low powerful grace. The big handsome bumper is tipped with black rubber. Notice the View through compound Windshields-introduced by Chrysler Corporation! Black bumper guards set against chrome is one of the first things you’ll notice about De Soto from the rear. Then, the triple taillights. Look at the window area in back too-on all our cars.


Imperial for ’59 has the distinctive Imperial look, but with new richness and look of leadership. Headlamps are lower. signal lights still lower-and all protected and set off with gleaming chrome. The famous “gunfight” taillights are still the most recognizable style trademark on the road. in the ’59 Imperial. This year a graceful streamlined bumper underscores the rear with elegant simplicity.

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