The 1953 Nash-Healey was once considered America’s finest sports car

1953 Nash Healey

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Presenting America’s finest sports car… the 1953 Nash-Healey

Pictured here is the exquisitely beautiful car that started the whole new sports trend in the American automotive scene.

For 1953, the Nash-Healey is a product of the best talent of three nations… the “know-how” of one of the continent’s top sports car designers, Donald Healey of Warwick, England… the custom beauty of a body handcrafted in Italy by Pinin Farina, the world’s foremost custom stylist… plus the sensational Nash Dual Jetfire powerplant and power train (that topped all American competition for two years running in the “Grand Prix d’Endurance” at Le Mans, France).

This is no “dream car”. Hundreds are now on American roads. Parts and service are available at Nash dealers everywhere.

See all of Pinin Farina’s newest masterpieces… the 15 Nash Airflytes for 1953 now on display at all Nash dealers.

Presenting America's finest sports car... the 1953 Nash-Healey

1953 Nash Healey: For one man in a thousand

A custom original by the incomparable Pinin Farina… created especially for the one man in a thousand who demands the finest in sports cars. For here is the exquisite new 1953 Nash-Healey. With bodies styled and hand-crafted by Pinin Farina — the world’s foremost designer of custom cars — the Nash-Healey is presented in two distinctive models.

In the new Nash-Healey Convertible, both grace and verve are personified in the classic lines of the most beautiful of all open sports cars. And the Nash-Healey Le Mans Hardtop — first place trophy winner in the 1953 Italian International Concourse d’Elegance — is a superb combination of convertible flair and sedan elegance.

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To deliver blazing performance combined with amazing fuel economy in these two great cars, Nash Motors proudly presents its Le Mans Dual Jetfire Engine — which has set the finest record of any American engine in four years of competition in the grueling, 24-hour Le Mans Grand Prix d’Endurance. The new Nash-Healey — in the smart Convertible or luxurious Hardtop — awaits your personal inspection. Your Nash dealer would be pleased to arrange at your convenience a private showing.

For a handsomely-illustrated new brochure on the Nash-Healey, please write Sports Cars, Nash Motors, 14250 Plymouth Road, Detroit 32, Michigan.

America’s outstanding sports car: A Custom Original by Pinin Farina

1953 Nash Healy

The top talent of three nations has designed America’s superlative sports car

In all the world, you’ll find no other sports car like the Nash-Healey. For here is the best of three nations in one brilliant masterpiece.

In no other American car — only in a Nash-Healey — can you have true sports car styling with the flair and grace, the magnificent continental coachwork of “Body by Pinin Farina”, hand-crafted in Italy. In no other American car can you have the incredible sports car “cornering” of Donald Healey’s famous “trailing link” suspension and rugged British-built chassis.

1953 Nash-Healey

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