News headlines from when Senator Bobby Kennedy was assassinated (1968)

Newspaper headlines from Senator Bobby Kennedy's assassination (1968)

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Bobby Kennedy for President: A dream lost

Robert Kennedy shot just after making victory speech

The San Bernardino County Sun – June 5, 1968

The_San_Bernardino_County_Sun - RFK shot June 5 1968

Robert Kennedy dies

The San Bernardino County Sun – June 6, 1968

The_San_Bernardino_County - Bobby Kennedy assassinated - June 6 1968


Pronounced dead 25 hours after L.A. shooting

Wife and Jackie Kennedy at his side 4-1/2 years after John’s assassination

LOS ANGELES – Sen. Robert F. Kennedy died today, 25 hours after he was shot by an assassin.

Kennedy, who was killed while seeking his party’s presidential nomination, died four and a half years after his brother, President John F. Kennedy, befell a similar fate.

With the 42-year-old senator when he died were his wife, Ethel, and Mrs Jacqueline Kennedy, the late President’s widow.

Kennedy succumbed to extensive brain damage caused when his assassin fired eight shots at point-blank range.

Death came at 1:44 am, and was attributed to a “bullet that entered his head behind the right ear.”

“He was not able to build back up tissue after the trauma of last night and the surgery this morning,” said Frank Mankiewicz, Kennedy’s press secretary who made the official announcement.

President Johnson was informed immediately of the death, and proclaimed a day of national mourning.

An unidentified priest was also with the New York senator at the time of death, as were his brother, Senator Edward Kennedy; his sisters, Mrs Stephen Smith and Patricia Lawford; and his brother-in-law, Stephen Smith.

Deputy Police Chief Noel McQuown, of the Los Angeles Police Department, said he assumed charges against Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, the 24-year-old Jordanian immigrant accused of the shooting, would be changed to murder.

McQuown said he did not know whether Sirhan had been informed of Kennedy’s death. He was held in the Los Angeles County jail, about five miles 3an the hospital where the senator

Hopes had risen slightly when more than eight how’s went by without a new medical bulletin on the stricken senator, but the grimness of the final announcement was signaled when Frank Mankiewicz, Kennedy’s press secretary, walked slowly down the street in front of the hospital toward the littered gymnasium that served as press headquarters.

Mankiewicz bit his lip. His shoulders slumped.

He stepped to a lectern in front of a green-tinted chalkboard and bowed his head for a moment while the television lights snapped on.

Then, at one minute before 2 am (PDT) he said: “I have a short announcement to read,” and then he told of Kennedy’s death.

The text of Mankiewicz’s statement read:

“I have a short announcement to read, which I will read at this time. Senator Robert Francis Kennedy died at 1:44 am. today, June 6, 1968. With Senator Kennedy at the time of his death was his wife Ethel, his sister, Patricia Lawford, his brother-in-law, Stephen Smith, and his sister-in-law, Mrs John F. Kennedy. He was 42 years old.”

In Washington, the President issued this statement:

“This is a time of tragedy and loss. Senator Robert F. Kennedy is dead.

“Robert Kennedy affirmed this country — affirmed the essential decency of its people, their longing for peace, their desire to improve conditions of life for all.

“During his life, he knew far more than his share of personal tragedy. Yet he never abandoned his faith in America. He never lost his confidence in the spiritual strength of ordinary men and women. He believed in the capacity of the young for excellence — and in the right of the old and poor to a life of dignity. Our public life is diminished by his loss.

“Mrs Johnson and l extend our deepest sympathy to Mrs. Kennedy and to his family. I have issued a proclamation calling upon our nation to observe a day of mourning for Robert Kennedy.”

The proclamation set next Sunday for a day of national mourning and directs that from now until burial the United States flag will be flown at half-staff on all buildings, grounds and ships of the federal government.

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Bobby Kennedy fails to improve – Doctors’ concern increasing

Arizona Republic – June 6, 1968

Arizona_Republic Bobby Kennedy fails to improve after shooting - June 6 1968

Robert Kennedy dead

Bobby Kennedy shot – Arizona Republic – June 6, 1968
Arizona_Republic RFK killed - June 6 1968

Kennedy shot, bullet in brain – Surgeons fight to save life

Daily News, New York – June 6, 1968

Daily_News NYC RFK shot - June 6 1968

RFK dead

Daily News, New York – June 6, 1968

Daily_News NY RFK killed - June 6 1968

Bobby Kennedy shot: Body in state at St Patrick’s – Last brother keeps vigil

Daily News, New York – June 7, 1968

Daily_News - Bobby Kennedy's body in NY - June 7 1968

Bullet out, Kennedy critical – Latest vote put RFK on Humphrey’s heels

Dayton Daily News – June 5, 1968

Dayton_Daily_News RFK bullet out - Kennedy critical - June 5 1968

Kennedy loses battle for life

Dayton Daily News – June 6, 1968
Dayton_Daily_News RFK assassinated - June 6 1968

Sen. Kennedy near death

Democrat and Chronicle – June 6, 1968

Democrat_and_Chronicle Senator Kennedy near death RFK - June 6 1968


RFK comes home to NY

Democrat and Chronicle – June 7, 1968

Democrat_and_Chronicle RFK comes home to New York - June 7 1968

Kennedy dies

Detroit American – June 6, 1968

Detroit_American Bobby Kennedy dies - June 6 1968

Extra: Kennedy is dead – Fails to respond as doctors hoped

Florida Today – June 6, 1968


Kennedy rites Saturday; Thousands pay tribute

Florida Today – June 7, 1968
Florida_Today Senator Robert Kennedy dead - newspaper - June 7 1968

Bobby Kennedy shot in head; Doctors hopeful after surgery

Fort Lauderdale News – June 5, 1968

Fort_Lauderdale_News - Bobby Kennedy shot in head - June 5 1968

Kennedy dies of bullet wound; Body to lie in state tomorrow

Fort Lauderdale News – June 6, 1968

Fort_Lauderdale_News Robert Kennedy dies of bullet wound - June 6 1968

Bobby’s chances ‘Slim’

Leader-Telegram – June 6, 1968

Leader_Telegram RFK chances of survival slim - June 6 1968

Kennedy dead – Family at bedside – LBJ proclaims day of mourning

Philadelphia Daily News – June 6, 1968

Philadelphia_Daily_News - Bobby Kennedy dead - June 6 1968

Kennedy remains near death from bullet wound in brain

Star Tribune – June 6, 1968

Star Tribune - Bobby Kennedy shot -June 6 1968

RFK hangs on; Papers hint he was marked man

Cincinnati Enquirer – June 6, 1968

The_Cincinnati_Enquirer Bobby Kennedy shot - June 6 1968

Sen Robert F Kennedy dies

Honolulu Advertiser – June 6, 1968

The_Honolulu_Advertiser - Senator Robert F Kennedy dies - June 6 1968

Family, city, nation mourn Kennedy – Jail guard tightened on Sirhan

Honolulu Advertiser – June 7, 1968

The_Honolulu_Advertiser - RFK killed - June 7 1968

Kennedy shot, ‘Critical’ after surgery – Operate to remove .22 bullet from brain

The Ithaca Journal – June 5, 1968

The_Ithaca_Journal - Bobby Kennedy shot - June 5 1968

Senator Kennedy dead at 42

The Ithaca Journal – June 6, 1968

The_Ithaca_Journal - Senator Kennedy dead - June 6 1968

Senator Kennedy clings to life

The Mercury – June 6, 1968

The_Mercury RFK shot - June 6 1968

Gunman wounds Robert Kennedy, believed critical; given last rites

The Morning News – June 5, 1968

The_Morning_News - Gunman wounds Bobby Kennedy - June 5 1968

Kennedy’s condition very grave; Police hold Jordanian as gunman

The Philadelphia Inquirer – June 6, 1968
The Philadelphia Inquirer Bobby Kennedy dead June 6 1968Kennedy’s condition very grave; Police hold Jordanian as gunman” width=”750″ height=”1065″ data-pin-description=”>Kennedy’s condition very grave; Police hold Jordanian as gunman – June 6 1968″>

Kennedy’s body arrives in New York; Last brother keeps vigil in cathedral

The Philadelphia Inquirer – June 7, 1968

The_Philadelphia_Inquirer - RFK body arrives in NYC newspaper - June 7 1968

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