Presenting Miss Shirley Temple in ‘Baby Take a Bow’ (1934)

Shirley Temple - Baby Take a Bow

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These tongue-in-cheek ads — presenting child star Shirley Temple as a fashionable Hollywood screen siren with lots of cash — ran one-by-one over the course of eight days. They were a humorous way to introduce the five-year-old girl’s new film, “Baby Take a Bow.”

Shirley Temple: Empress of a thousand moods

As the shimmering surface of a woodland lake reflects the passing of each fleeting breeze, so the face of the great Temple (we all call her Shirley) mirrors the joys, the passions and the eternal sorrow of a world bowed down. Hot cha! That’s telling ’em, Shirley!

Shirley Temple Baby Take a Bow 1934 5

Creator of styles! Mistress of chic!

What Shirley Temple wears today, the whole world will wear tomorrow. Women follow with envious regard every fashion whim that moves La Temple in her quest for glamour.

Shirley Temple Baby Take a Bow 1934 3

Genius of makeup!

Even the veteran stars of Hollywood envy the supreme artistry of Shirley Temple in adding those subtle touches which make her characterizations unforgettable.

Shirley Temple Baby Take a Bow 1934 4

Building her new home in Beverly Hills

The world may know Temple only as the exotic queen of emotion, the smart sophisticate of the screen. But at times, even Shirley (as the studio gang call her among themselves) must have quiet and relief from public clamor. Here the camera has caught her building a little nest far up in the hills.

Shirley Temple Baby Take a Bow 1934 (6)

Temple breaks silence; Grants press interview

Cornered by reporters here today, Shirley Temple broke the silence which she has maintained about her future plans. “I am going to appear next,” she said, “in the Fox picture ‘Baby Take a Bow’, with Jimmy Dunn and Claire Trevor.”

Declining to discuss rumors of her engagement to the Prince of Wales, La Temple rushed to the studio restaurant for an ice cream cone.

Shirley Temple Baby Take a Bow 1934 7

Presenting… The new queen of dramatic art!

Bernhardt! Duse! And now… Temple (Shirley to you, Mister!)… creature of many moods… fiery in temperament… fickle in romance, profound in dramatic depth. Worthy in every way to inherit the purple mantle of greatness. Now at the peak of her powers!

Shirley Temple Baby Take a Bow 1934 2

So-o-o- “Baby Take a Bow”

With Shirley Temple, James Dunn, Claire Trevor, Alan Dinehart

Shirley Temple Baby Take a Bow 1934 8

Take a bow, Shirley

… for this

From Motion Picture Daily: “Shirley Temple . . . the most-talked-of screen luminary by her consistent past performances and her lovable appeal in ‘Baby, Take a Bow’ — a swell show and a clean family picture to remember with pleasure.”

… for this

From Variety Daily: “‘Baby, Take a Bow’ takes advantage of Shirley Temple’s flashing rise . . . a born trouper. With dance and song and comic capers, she romps her way straight into audience hearts. Suspense and laughter put ‘Baby, Take a Bow’ into the clear as popular entertainment.”

Shirley Temple Baby Take a Bow 1934 1

Shirley Temple Baby Take a Bow movie 1934

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