What advice would Adam West give to Lynda Carter? (1977)

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What advice would Adam West give to Lynda Carter 1977

Batman: What’s Adam West doing now? (1977)

What advice, you may wonder, would Adam (Batman) West give to Lynda (Wonder Woman) Carter?

“That depends upon what’s happening in her gourd,” Adam said when the question was put to him.

He was at home with wife and children, including a year-old baby girl, finishing up a screenplay about international terrorism which he expects to bring to the screen.

“You know, I’ve had my own problems with Batman. But now I can deal with them. This jungle is so darn tough. It’s tougher than it’s ever been. But I’m going to survive, because I’m a survivor.”

“If Lynda Carter, or anybody else playing a pure fantasy figure, can enjoy the success and fame and money that goes with the role but still be honest with herself about it, fine! Otherwise… you’ve got to be honest with yourself!”

Post-Batman, Adam has worked in dramas of various sorts including a recent picture which kept him in Yugoslavia for a year.

“It was released in the South as ‘The Last Guerrilla,’ but there were some legal problems and it was called back in. When it’s released again, I think it will be called either ‘Partisan’ or ‘River of Death.’ Rod Taylor was the co-star and we worked just outside of Belgrade.

“I’m just finalizing a script called ‘The Isotope Alarm’ which is about inter- ge, national terrorism, and I’ve finished a treatment for a film about a contemporary Batman, presenting him as a superhero in a realistic ambience.”

Adam’s faith in the potential of the Caped Crusader movie derives from the popularity of the animated “Batman” series for which he supplies the hero’s voice.

“It’s the highest-rated daytime show: We’ve been getting a 46 percent share of the audience,” he noted. “I’ve found that you couldn’t kill Batman with a baseball bat.”

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