The swinging new man-size sports fastback: Marlin! (1965)

Introducing excitement!

The swinging new man-size sports fastback — Marlin!

This is the big, bold, brand-new ear for swingers who love fast lines, deep luxury, and man-size room for man-size comfort. This is Marlin, most exciting Rambler ever built. It’s too much automobile to be just another fastback. It’s got too much luxury to be just another sporty car. It’s got too much solid value to be anything but a Rambler.

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Performance? All you can use, including the might of a 327 cu.-in. V-8 option. With Power Disc Brakes and with individually adjustable reclining front seats, standard. With almost any sports option you can name. And with all the extra-value features that Rambler delivers at no extra cost: Advanced Unit Construction, Deep-Dip rustproofing, Ceramic-Armored exhaust system, Double-Safety Brakes (separate systems, front and rear) — and more. Take in the excitement.

Take in the Marlin. Take in this newest of the Sensible Spectaculars — at your Rambler dealer now. In limited production, but stepping up fast.

Marlin by Rambler — Newest of the Sensible Spectaculars

American Motors — Dedicated to Excellence

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