’65 Chevy station wagons (1965)

1965 Impala wagon

Some bumps get through Chevrolet’s new suspension.

But when a bump gets through those 4 double-acting shock absorbers, 4 coil springs, 1 Girder-Guard frame and over 50 rubber shock cushioners, you must be off the road.


1965 Chevy II wagon

What’s so big about a Chevy II wagon? Let’s begin in the back.

Imagine a closet 3 feet by 4 feet by 6 feet. Now think of all the shoes and boots, hats and coats, rods and reels you could put into it. A Chevy II is like that in the back.


1965 Chevelle wagon

Big V8 up front, 86 cu ft of cargo space in back — and the time of your life in between. ’65 Chevelle by Chevrolet

If you’re for wide open space, you’ll find a lot to like inside. And there’s room under the hood for the kind of youthful spirit that makes you want to go places just for the fun of it.


1965 Chevy II wagon

When you consider everything that goes into it, you can’t find a better wagon for the money.

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