In the ’50s, secretaries and bosses agreed that IBM electric typewriters rocked the business scene

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New and improved office work In the '50s, IBM electric typewriters rocked the business scene

“Secretary” — that’s the job for me! (1953)

Other things being equal, what girl wouldn’t prefer a job that includes an IBM Electric Typewriter? It’s so easy to use, and turns out such beautiful letters and reports.

With an IBM, you’ll do your typing almost effortlessly, and with no errors due to fatigue. To the executive, an IBM means faster typing, and better-looking letters that are a pleasure to sign.

For an illustrated brochure, write or telephone your nearest IBM office.

Sep 21, 1953 Secretary job typewriter

No, the IBM Electric can’t handle the petty cash but… (1957)

…it will produce better typing … save time and money, too!

The IBM gives you typing to be proud of — always uniform no matter what touch a typist uses. And it saves time and energy because the IBM requires 95.4% less “finger-effort” than a manual. Best of all, the IBM is the world’s simplest electric typewriter in design and operation, the most dependable in performance.

The IBM saves money, too, because it helps turn out more typing in less time — helps handle more business without added secretarial expense.

And remember, IBM is the world leader in electric typewriter progress — the only electric available with proportional spacing and electronic tabulating.

The IBM gives you typing to be proud of (1957)

First class mail with IBM electric typewriters (1951)

Appearance is just as important in letters as it is in people… or products.

Every letter typed on an IBM Electric makes a perfect impression, has the distinctive personality which assures a friendly reception.

Turning out first-class work is simple with an IBM Electric. It is so easy to use… so responsive to your lightest touch… so saving of your time and energy.

Apr 23, 1951 IBM electric typewriter

Letters of credit: Typewritten benefits (1951)

Feb 19, 1951 IBM typewriter

Vintage IBM electric typewriters from the ’60s, including the Selectric with swappable round print heads

Letters can be beautiful, too! With the new IBM electric typewriters (1953)

Letters can be beautiful too - 1953 typewriter

This is the new IBM electric typewriter (1959)

New IBM electric typwriter from 1959

Secretary and boss agree… (1955)

The IBM electric typewriters — Executive model — is so easy to use!

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