Dave Brubeck and his tree house (1958)

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Dave Brubeck and his “tree house”

This unusual house in the hills of Oakland, California, is the home of Dave Brubeck, known as “Mr Jazz” to his fans.

Thanks to the ingenuity of their architect, Dave and Iola Brubeck and their five children that provides much more than just their needs as a family.

It all began with a hillside lot with lots of tall trees and a pretty view of Oakland [and the] Bay. But it’s also narrow, steeply-sloped, and virtually all rock. Could a house be built here?

… How do the Brubecks like their home? Here’s how Dave puts it: “This house expresses much of my wife’s personality and my won. As a musician, I feel that if inspiration can come from good surroundings, I’ll find it here.”

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