Marilyn Monroe & The Marx Bros “Love Happy” (1949)

Love Happy” was the last movie starring the Marx Brothers — Harpo Marx, Chico Marx, and Groucho Marx… and included a small role for an up-and-coming model/actress named Marilyn Monroe. Groucho was apparently particularly fond of the lady, as the photos below show.

The movie opened nationwide in March 1950, but had its official premiere in October of 1949.

Groucho Marx & Marilyn Monroe

Co-starring in the movie “Love Happy



Marilyn Monroe with Groucho Marx



The Marx Bros are Love Happy

Their newest! Funniest! Musical!

Co-starring Vera-Ellen, Ilona Massey, Marion Hutton

Also with Raymond Burr & Marilyn Monroe

LIFE says, “The finest chase in 30 years of movie making!”





Groucho hugs Marilyn


Music! Comedy! The wonder of Edison's new phonograph player

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